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Khween Shebar

Our pure, natural soaps and lotions are made to help people gently heal their skin and hair. We are passionate about non-fussy, genuinely effective, organic products for all people. Khween Shebar promotes conscious skincare and our products are sustainably packaged.

Koosh Kream™ and Moisturisers

Koosh Kream™, exclusively produced by Khween Shebar, is our beloved, one-of-a-kind organic skin feeder that can be used on the face, body and hair. It’s child-friendly and wonderful on all skin, all ethnicities and all ages!

Packed with organic hemp-seed oil and unrefined shea butter, Koosh Kream is a super hydrating emollient that will calm skin sensitivity, inflammation, bumps and redness, manage eczema, reduce and give you a glow and smoothness you haven’t felt before. This wonder Kream also stimulates hair growth and strengthens and softens dry, brittle hair. It’s a great solution for men’s beard care.

Zero alcohol, zero fragrance, zero Parabens.

Natural Soaps

Our cold-process natural soap is handmade slowly, the old-fashioned way without any cooking or harsh conventional soap-making processes. Our organic soap is expertly handmade from only the listed ingredients and left to cure and dry for 6 weeks or more to naturally transform liquid oil and water into high-quality solid soap.

We formulate and hand-manufacture the highest quality, fragrance-free, palm oil-free soaps that are 100% natural with no chemicals, which makes the soap cure as fast as mother nature intends.


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“I have been using Koosh Kream in conjunction with the turmeric soap, I must say the results are quite impressive.” – Zama Mko

“My skin has never felt this beautiful and moisturised. Thank you for the skin plug, Khween” – Vutomi Mathebula 

“The Koosh Kream is a whipped lusciousness of bottled clouds and joy.” @seangoesnatural

100% natural – my skin hasn’t had eczema for about 4 years now. I’m happy with the product (All Natural Turmeric Soap). – Rakgadi Nonki

Budget is tight this month but hubby and I argued that we cant survive a whole month without Koosh Kream. We use it on our hair and skin and now our latest family member, our baby boy who’s 6 months old, has joined the club. We need the good stuff even when times are hard because there’s just nothing better than Koosh out there. – Esmerelda